An alternative to the traditional system

The No-Needle No-Scalpel Vasectomy (NNNSV) is a safer technique, with less complications and currently with the fastest recovery time. It is quick, virtually painless and leaves no mark

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    Reasons for choosing NNNSV

    A vasectomy is a voluntary operation, the patient is healthy… and wants to stay that way! That is why we must offer less aggressive surgery, with the least complications possible

    No marks

    No incision or stitches


    The operation lasts less than 15 minutes


    You can return to daily life after the operation


    Less discomfort and post-op complications than a traditional vasectomy


    To share the responsibility with your partner


    To reduce your carbon footprint on the environment

    Dr Josep Viladoms Fuster

    “A vasectomy is an act of love towards your partner… and the environment”

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    urologo madrid
    Dr Josep Viladoms Fuster

    “A vasectomy is an act of love towards your partner… and the environment”

    urologo madrid

    Testimonies from our patients

    I received amazing treatment from each member of Dr Viladoms’ team, they make the whole process extremely simple. A painless operation with unbeatable results and care. I’m completely satisfied with the operation itself and the treatment I received.

    Joan Barceló Robles


    I’m very satisfied with how I was treated and the level of professionalism. I’d recommend it to anyone considering a permanent birth control method. Quick, painless and with no complex or long-term post-op care or treatment. The best decision of my life, along with quitting smoking. Thanks for everything.

    José Luis Guart


    After delaying the operation for a long time due to various reasons, I decided to go ahead with the vasectomy with Dr Viladoms. It all went very well, I didn’t have any issues during the operation (we were listening to music I like) or afterwards during recovery. I think the operation lasted 10 minutes, and when it was done I went for lunch with my partner without any trouble at all.

    Adrián Garcia

    Vilanova i la Geltrú


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